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Our OnePlan™ Process

Tailored Strategies in Financial Planning, Guiding You From Your Current Status to Your Desired Destination

At Korhorn Financial Group, we center our approach on you and your financial goals. Our dedicated Financial Planners dive deep into your current financial landscape to chart a path to your desired future. We consider all six dimensions of your financial life to bring clarity, confidence, and creative solutions to your financial journey. In short, your dreams take the spotlight, and we provide the tailored strategies to help you achieve them.

Needs Analysis Meeting

The first step in our process is all about you — learning your goals, dreams, items that keep you up at night, and how you define financial success. We’ll then explain our services and what creative solutions will help you reach those goals.

Digital Data Gathering

Because of our comprehensive approach that analyzes all six areas of your financial life, the details matter. Recognizing that each financial life is unique, we use this step in the process to collect those details by gathering specific information, setting you up with our various financial planning tools, and connecting you with the KFG team members that will assist you in your journey.

Case Class

The way top hospitals collaborate for the health of their patients, we approach your finances the same way. Financial experts across multiple departments — Certified Financial Planners, Certified Public Accountants, Insurance Advisors — come together to analyze your situation to identify gaps and begin crafting strategies and solutions with your goals top of mind.

Financial Snapshot Meeting

It’s time to get to work! In this step, we kick off building your financial plan and lay out the steps for executing it. We’ll identify your most pressing needs and potential solutions for how to solve them.

Strategy Session Meeting

This series of meetings can last eight-to-nine months where we’ll take a deeper look inside all six areas of your financial life. Together, we’ll implement strategies and shore up any planning gaps.

Progress Review Meeting

At your Progress Review meeting, we’ll reflect on the past year and the progress you made. We’ll celebrate any early successes and analyze any setbacks. Then together we will map out the next 12 months to help you stay on track with your financial goals.

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