Lisa Cutting

Human Resources Director

A professional headshot of Lisa Cutting, presenting a confident and approachable appearance.



Lisa joined the team at KFG in late 2023 after serving as the Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator at Bethel University. Lisa’s passion for interacting with others and striving to help them achieve their goals is combined with her deep appreciation of law and compliance as she works with the Leadership Team to make a positive impact on people’s work lives and KFG as a whole.

Lisa attended Cornerstone University and, as a lifelong learner, is currently enrolled at the University of Michigan. Lisa’s biggest joy is her family and her three daughters.  Her oldest two, Emily and Melody, are graduates of the University of Michigan, and her youngest, Madison, is a graduate of Michigan State University. Lisa currently lives in Cassopolis, and in her free time she enjoys running, playing golf, Michigan Football, hiking on the family property and spending time with her family and friends. 

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