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Advanced tax strategies and account and payroll services to enhance your small business’s financial health.

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Most tax preparers want to get the right number in the right box. And while that may satisfy technical requirements, proactive tax planning can do so much more to preserve your wealth. So often in our financial lives, we have to wait for delayed gratification. Not so with taxes! Many times, immediate benefits are found from smart tax strategies. And that instant reward can help support your full financial strategy.

At Korhorn Financial Group, our tax planning and accounting team goes beyond the numbers to provide proactive advice and guidance to help preserve your assets through tax-efficient investing and long-term planning. To best meet your personal and business needs, our Tax Planners work in concert with our Values-Based Financial Planners to ensure all pieces of your financial life are aligned to help support your success.

Our tax planning & accounting services include:

  • Personal tax planning
  • Income tax preparation
  • Estate tax planning
  • Business tax planning
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll

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